Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is responsible for the management of the city’s Domestic and International airport, a vital part of Queensland’s infrastructure and a contributor to the state’s economic prosperity. The airport serves as a hub for tourism and agribusiness exports, also providing a place of employment for more than 21,000 people within the airport precinct. The organisation issued a tender requesting submissions for innovative solutions to replace its aged storage infrastructure. Market leader MOQdigital was successful in securing the contract. After a detailed analysis of the business needs, MOQdigital designed a highly robust replacement storage system. The upgrade has been warmly welcomed by staff and has improved employee productivity, reduced operating costs and increased operational efficiency.



Company: Brisbane Airport Corporation
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Industry: Infrastructure
Employees: 300
Established: 1977


  • Provide a robust storage framework for improving knowledge management systems and processes
  • Protect and archive BAC’s valuable intellectual property
  • Streamline and improve data management procedures
  • Mitigate a critical risk posed by any loss of service availability
  • Reduce complexity by migrating office applications to the Cloud

Services and Products

  • High Level Design & Comprehensive Documentation
  • Intensive Stress Testing & System Proving Prior to Data Migration
  • Training on Operation & Procedures
  • Installation, Configuration & “As-Built” User Manuals & Operation Guides
  • Integration with Existing Systems & Processes

“MOQdigital challenged us to tackle our problems in completely new ways. They helped us to think outside the square.

We have reduced our backup window from 12-hours to 1-hour.”

Erin Watson
IT Program Manager, Brisbane Airport Corporation

About BAC

BAC was founded in 1997 as the result of a Federal Government initiative to privatise public infrastructure. The privately held company is a vitally important transport and economic hub for the Queensland economy. It provides a transit point for tourists and agribusiness exports that are produced in the State’s tropical hinterland. The airport hosts businesses that are projected to employ more than 50,000 staff by 2029. The airport’s administration team is responsible for every aspect of the management and upkeep of the 2,700ha facility. BAC was recognised with the prestigious Premier’s sustainability award in 2014 and actively assists community groups with sponsorship and grants that exceed $1.2M annually.

Business Challenge

BAC’s storage infrastructure consisted of a high availability SAN array that was replicated across two data centres. The system’s performance was failing to keep pace with business demands, while increased support costs and capacity constraints compounded this problem. Limited storage space meant that files were prematurely archived to make extra space just to meet the daily business requirements. Even worse for the administrators was that occasional backups failed crucial integrity checks posing a dire business risk, and costing additional resource time to troubleshoot. A competitive tender was called to find a complete solution that would solve these issues.


The entire delivery of the project was completed over a 14 week period with minimal interruption to service delivery.  Because of the mission critical role the infrastructure played in airport operations, detailed planning was critical to ensure project milestones were met. Data migration and testing was delivered with no impact upon day-to-day business operations and the project was completed on time. Training was undertaken during the project’s implementation phase with documentation prepared concurrently, then exchanged at the handover phase.


MOQdigital was awarded the storage upgrade tender and set about performing a detailed analysis of storage utilisation and gaining better insights into the needs of BAC. An EMC storage array was selected as a suitable replacement with initial storage capacity scaled to meet three years of projected data growth.


BAC’s management were delighted with the project’s outcome. The upgrade has improved system responsiveness with the faster disc system increasing the speed of every process. A system backup that typically took 12 hours is now completed in just one hour.


BAC found itself in the invidious position of depending on elderly technology for critical business operations. The storage refresh solved major problems by alleviating user frustration and eliminating a risk to business continuity posed by unreliable hardware and proprietary software applications. With a more robust storage framework in place, MOQdigital and BAC are collaborating on a number of new initiatives that will continue to improve employee productivity and business efficiency. The close collaboration between the two organisations has helped BAC’s IT administrators reappraise their overall strategy and “think outside of the box”.


  • Employee productivity has been improved and performance related user frustration alleviated
  • MOQdigital’s value add included performing some additional upgrade work to the core infrastructure during BARS to minimise later impact on BAC
  • By combining major projects, additional resources could be assigned and timelines condensed
  • The impact on business operations was minimised and the project was delivered at a lower cost to BAC
  • MOQdigital is considered a trusted adviser and an extension of BAC’s IT team
  • Replacing outdated storage systems has enabled BAC to embark on new projects that were stymied by performance and reliability limitations