Palmerbet provides entertainment and excitement to countless customers by providing responsible online gambling services to the Australian public. Considered an upstart by their established rivals, they compete in a ferociously competitive environment and are consistently searching for ways to heighten client excitement levels. Palmerbet work with MOQdigital to create an iOS app that would meet the high-speed, demanding cyclic nature of online betting. Software designers had to consider the massive swings in demand created because a large proportion of the wagers were placed near the closing moments of an event’s start- time – a challenge unique to the gaming industry. Close collaboration between the MOQdigital developers and Palmerbet’s leadership team aligned the wish list with practical software design constraints, resulting in a tightly integrated, secure, future ready mobile iOS app.



Company: Palmerbet
Location: Canterbury, Australia
Industry: Leisure and Entertainment
Employees: 16
Established: 2013


  • Online customers demanded more than a responsive website – they wanted an interface optimised for their smart mobile devices.
  • Mobile first, Cloud first strategy adopted by Palmerbet
  • Revenues have risen as Palmerbet clients revel in the increased entertainment value that their iOS app provides
  • Shortcuts and features provide incentives for clients to migrate from traditional website gaming to using the dedicated app to build client loyalty
  • By technically outpacing their international competitors Palmerbet are enhancing their market reputation and adding prestige to their brand

Services and Products

  • iOS application development
  • Database and CRM integration
  • Interface and user experience development
  • Cloud capabilities integration

The MOQdigital team took our business brief and worked closely with us to deliver a tested, compliant iOS app in under 6 months. They are incredible to work with!”

Matt Palmer
Co-Founder & Director, Palmerbet

About Palmerbet

The Palmer name is highly respected within the Australian wagering fraternity. Building on a rich tradition of over here generations, is the latest iteration in online wagering that competes directly with UK based heavyweights. Start-up Palmerbet has undergone exponential growth, exceeded revenue targets while also redefining how online gaming is transacted. The company is looking towards the British and Irish markets to expand their global footprint while adapting their application development to cater to the idiosyncrasies of prospective new clientele in the rapidly growing Asian market.

Business Challenge

Like all aspects of online commerce, the gaming industry must adapt to the challenging demands of their customers. The Palmerbet leadership team felt they were at a commercial disadvantage to their established rivals because of their limited mobility. In spite of the accolades the company had the attracted for the customer-friendly usability of their website, enhancing the functionality for mobile users was critical to maintain their rapidly growth trajectory. Application developer and integrator MOQdigital was briefed on the design parameters and began creating a mobile application to the vision of the Palmerbet leadership team, which targeted mobile iOS clients.


Designing mobile applications for a high volume, near real-time environment is demanding enough without the added complexity of regulatory oversight, non-reputation and banking-grade security. This was the task that MOQdigital’s application integration and development team faced.

The key projects components were the user interface; integration with the cloud infrastructure; and the integration with the downstream services that serviced some of the application logic.

Cloud Infrastructure:

This part of the project involved building secure processes that interacted with enterprise systems that transacted wagers, updated databases, scale considerations and ensured that funds were deducted and credited in a timely manner.


Transactions had to be delivered in real-time without any lag or network latency. This ensured that bets cloud be placed up to the closing time of the race or event.

Customer Flows:

Customer behaviour when placing wager is cyclic and demands an app that must rapidly interact with back-end systems to meet the massive peaks and troughs of customer traffic.

Non – Repudiation:

If a wager was placed, it must be validated and authenticated to mutually acceptable e-commerce and legal standards.


The mobile solution must be secure and not open to tampering, interception or flawed software design rules.


Gambling is a highly regulated industry with oversight at many levels of Government. Understanding legislative constraints was critical to building a mobile solution that would meet Palmerbet’s global aspirations.

User Interface:

This facet of the project encompassed the look and feel of the interface and maintaining consistent branding across all platforms. It must also ensure that additional features and functionality could be added with ease.

User Experience:

The interface must be attractive and intuitive for the customer to easily place wagers. Branding must be consistent with Palmerbet style guidelines.

Modularity and Future Proofing:

The interface must be future-ready to add new features or quickly modify the app for legislative or market changes. By taking a modular approach to design, a flexible platform could be built that could quickly adapt to changes beyond Palmerbet’s control.


Developing a mobile iOS based solution is a collaborative process that brings together individuals with divergent goals. Workshop sessions defining the back-end processes were critical in meeting the design goals while understanding how customers behave was vital to develop an interface that was practical and appealing.

The two organisations translated their objectives into a solution that met the overarching design goals while making each other aware of the practical limitations of cognisance and technology. By closely working together the teams kept a tight rein on budgets and ensured that “project scope creep” was quickly contained. The completed project was delivered in only six months setting a performance benchmark that added to Palmerbet’s already competitive edge.


Palmerbet revenues have increased and the added mobile platform have yielded a competitive advantage and provided positive feedback from their customers. The key business goal was to enable a cost effective mobile platform that allowed rapid growth and a rich client experience. These ambitions have been achieved with gamblers revelling in the added ease with which they can access Palmerbet’s services. The enhanced features enable the company to compete against the bigger international players who operate in Australia. It’s also provided a solid foundation for their competitive mobile technology framework to fast-track global expansion plans.


The mobile device market is a driving force with companies, customers and individuals demanding wider access to information from any device. Organisations building and innovating in today’s market must consider the importance of a mobile platform above more traditional forms of digital media. The leadership team’s decision to build an iOS app was based upon usage data: the iOS platform is a dominant mobile device based on data gleaned from Palmerbet website traffic. Finding a partner who grasped the high volume, near real-time demands of online gambling was a challenge until Palmerbet and MOQdigital connected. The two organisations closely collaborated and the results have exceeded their goals and built a future ready mobile cloud platform that’s contributed markedly to Palmerbet’s bottom line.


  • Palmerbet quickly grasped that mobile enabled customers were significant revenue contributors
  • Palmerbet’s mobile solution is adaptable and modular enabling the rapid addition of features or  meeting amended legislative oversight
  • Understanding Palmerbet’s customer behaviour was vital in developing an application that enhanced the excitement of gaming and business utility of the completed app
  • The Palmerbet iOS app provides a competitive point-of-difference that increases customer loyalty and reduces churn rates
  • Built in the cloud for the cloud, the mobile solution scales as Palmerbet’s client demand increases. MOQdigital’s expertise enabled future proofing of the initial investment.

Technical Overview

MOQdigital’s architects derived a blueprint for this type of demanding mobile platform. Microsoft’s Azure Cloud provided significant capabilities in the overall success of the solution from: scale on demand; to region wide distributed caching. MOQdigital created the mobile cloud solution by blending a combination of years of experience as well deeply incorporating new Cloud capabilities.

Throughput, scale, low latency, responsive client user interface. security and cost effectiveness were all large influences in designing, building and managing the solution for MOQdigital.