Queensland Rugby management believe their efforts must focus on improving how they interact with loyal members and fans while maximising sponsor value. Management viewed non-core business processes like IT as a means to an end, not the end in of itself. On learning that not all managed service providers offer equal performance levels, Queensland Rugby decided to review their approach to technology especially in terms of ROI.

MOQdigital successfully tendered for the technology contract due to their discovery process being markedly different from their rivals. They asked probing questions and took the time to map out the business processes and technology challenges the organisation faced, prior to proposing a solution. The focus of the approach was about understanding how the business could benefit from technology, proving the possible ROI.

MOQdigital conveyed to the executives the importance considering all options and showed how any solution, whether Cloud based or ‘on-premise’ must be tailored to meet their current and future business needs. By reframing how the QRU used technology, and driving efficiencies across the organisation through process reeingeering, MOQdigital has enabled them to quickly adapt, scale and modify every intersection of people and technology. This has yielded huge productivity improvements and achieved staggering reductions in transactional costs.

Queensland Rugby Union


Company: Queensland Rugby Union
Location: Queensland, Australia
Industry: Sports and Leisure
Employees: 85
Established: 1883


  • The Cloud is not a silver bullet, but just one critical component needed to build an efficient and flexible technology infrastructure
  • Wherever people and technology intersect, organisation’s must be ready to adapt and change
  • Traditional managed service metrics built around service levels, performance and uptime are obsolete – re-engineering for 24*7*365 is now the accepted business standard
  • Operating cost reductions have yielded savings measured in orders of magnitude
  • Recurrent transaction costs are now a fraction of the cost Red’s Rugby paid previously using their legacy applications

Services and Products

  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Migration
  • Service Desk

“I am unable to speak highly enough of MOQdigital and their team.  They took the time to understand our business processes and technology challenges.

From this analysis we adopted a “Cloud first” strategy which has not only improved our ROI and efficiencies but also supports our long term business strategies. MOQdigital add real value to our business”


Ben McGahan
IT Manager, Queensland Rugby Union

About Queensland Rugby Union

Queensland Rugby is the governing body for the Code of Rugby Union in Queensland.

The union has 27 affiliated members and represents the interests of more than 300,000 participants at over 200 clubs and 450 schools which incorporate around 20,000 officials, administrators and volunteers across the state.

Queensland Rugby is also responsible for the representative rugby pathways which culminate in the professional Super Rugby team, the St.George Queensland Reds.

Queensland Rugby’s mission is to increase participation and visibility of our game while fostering a winning culture and the pursuit of greatness in our professional rugby team – the St.George Queensland Reds.

We strive to govern the game for the prosperity of all Queensland Rugby stakeholders and effectively manage and deliver the many state-wide rugby competition structures. Queensland Rugby aims to lead and support Rugby Excellence throughout all areas of our business.

Business Challenge

Queensland Rugby Union was ending a contract for a national managed IT service that fraternal clubs had signed up for. The claimed benefits promised from economies of scale had never eventuated and the management were unhappy with the lacklustre service levels provided by the vendor. As the contract neared its end the organisation undertook an intensive review of their technology needs. In the initial stages, MOQdigital were asked to investigate how Queensland Rugby could harness the power of the cloud and fix ongoing problems that were having a negative effect on staff productivity and morale. At the core of the issues were service reliability problems that were adversely affecting vital business functions like membership and ticket sales – core services the business provided to its members. The situation was untenable and the management team began a renewal program to solve the problems.


MOQdigital took the time to understand every business process and how it affected stakeholders and revenue streams. A stark example was that management had always bundled the telecommunications services in the belief that selecting a single supplier would yield greater economies of scale. MOQdigital challenged all of the commonly held misconceptions and helped the organisation reframe how service was delivered. During intensive business analysis workshops the MOQdigital team helped the organisation streamline each process and set up a framework that could adapt and quickly scale to meet the seasonal business peaks and troughs. No business process or technology deliverable was exempt from their intense scrutiny.


Technology Integrator MOQdigital was asked to help define the organisation’s technology needs and provide input into the business requirements. Their approach was to review every service and understand the business drivers that underpinned the process. With the help of MOQdigital, the executives began to question their traditional approach to technology and the value it added to the business. As a result of the discovery process, an RFI was published and industry responses sought to offer a replacement managed service that addressed the shortfalls in Queensland Rugby’s technology systems. MOQdigital were selected as the successful candidate because they opened up the organisation to new ideas and offered solutions that highlighted the ways that flexible, adaptable technology could improve outcomes for club members and players.


The first change at QRU that management registered was the improvement in morale from the staff who had stoically accepted ongoing outages, substandard systems and intermittent network performance. This had frustrated employees because repetitive tasks were arduous, difficult, and directly affected their productivity levels. Because the organisation is a sporting body, much of the workforce is itinerant during busy periods. Provisioning a new user required numerous complex steps whereas the replacement Cloud based system streamlined the process and required only a few keystrokes to add new employees to the system. As the multiplier effect of incremental improvements were amassed, the realisation was made that cost reductions had made exponential improvements to business efficiency within months of the process re-engineering. This has delivered a rapid ROI and resulted in Queensland Rugby’s IT professionals focussing their effort on planning and strategy, not remediation and problem solving as they had in the past.


MOQdigital asked QRU employees and management “why are you doing things this way?” A simple question that identified a plethora of opportunities to improve and refresh. When engaging with a managed service provider one of the most often overlooked skills is their ability to listen and understand the unique challenges each business faces. Wherever processes, people and technology converge across the organisation, QRU have achieved transactional cost savings and increased employee productivity. MOQdigital continue to provide advice as trusted advisers and help to develop technology strategy. Protecting the intellectual property produced by the organisation’s in-house digital production team was a typical project where MOQdigital applied broader principles towards a specialised challenge. This resulted in adding resilience to existing production systems and applying industry best practice to storing and archiving the organisation’s priceless video assets. By mitigating the risk of digital content being lost, the production team are poised to expand into new commercial revenue streams and transform a cost centre into an income generating business unit.


  • MOQdigital questioned why Queensland Rugby retained outdated processes and helped them reframe how they meet technology challenges
  • MOQdigital actively listen, discover and engage in knowledge transfer that delivers the best client outcomes in their managed service engagements
  • Resources provided by MOQdigital continuously add value to business processes or assist to re-engineer how tasks are completed
  • Regularly scheduled reviews and detailed reporting ensure constant improvements in how the services provided yields greater efficiency