Sportingbet, Australia’s biggest bookmaker, services the widest range of sports and markets both directly and through its affiliates.

A normal weekend event can attract between 18,000-50,000 transactions in a 2 hour window for NRL, AFL and English Premier League soccer games.  If Sportingbet had a system outage during a major event it could cost the business close to AUD$1m.

In early 2012, Sportingbet acquired Centrebet and needed to merge the business and IT operations and the associated TAB feeds into a single entity.  In addition, the company wanted to remove a legacy IT solution and integrate a new betting engine, within a very tight timeframe, and against a background where the entire commercial operation is totally dependent on business continuity.  For commercial reasons the full integration had to be complete by the end of August 2012, and any impact on the TAB partners or the end users would have been seriously detrimental to Sportingbet’s bottom line and reputation.

The merged operation had to be capable of scaling in near-real-time to handle peak traffic events such as the AFL/NRL Grand Final Weekend, English Premier League Soccer and Melbourne Cup festival, whilst also being flexible enough to accommodate the introduction of new products on-the-fly.

In 6 months MOQdigital delivered a high-availability solution that took feeds from Virtual Private Networks located throughout Australia, into a feed aggregator in the Cloud, to a betting engine based in Sydney, and a back office system in Darwin, and it was all spliced into an existing BAU environment seamlessly.

Sporting Bet


Company: Sportingbet
Country: Australia
Industry: Gaming
Employees: 300+


Sportingbet is Australia’s Largest bookmaker, with the widest range of products across multiple national and international events.

Soprtingbet operates in a highly Dynamic and agile environment.

Services and Products

  • Windows Azure
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010
  • Microsoft WCF Adapters

About Sportingbet

Sportingbet is Australia’s largest bookmaker, with the widest range of products across multiple national and international events.

The company operates in a highly dynamic and agile environment.

In early 2012, Sportingbet acquired Centrebet and needed to merge the business and IT operations and the associated TAB feeds into a single entity.

Business Challenge

The project deadline was immovable, due to commercial constraints outside of Sportingbet’s control, and there was no “Plan B”: the proposed architecture had to exhibit key attributes such as scale-out capability, inherent data-driven flexibility, underlying maturity – and a team with the right domain knowledge and technology expertise to bring it all together in a highly pressurised environment.

There had been a longstanding legacy system and vendor in place, but their technology was dated, expensive, lacked flexibility and was generally intractable when it came to aligning it to Sportingbet’s ambition for agility.


The combination of mature products and MOQdigital’s domain expertise gave the customer confidence that the project would complete within the desired time frame. There was no credible alternative proposition that had the competence and assurance that would offer the desired outcome – and although this project was concerned with finding a solution within a tight and inflexible timeframe, the end-result was aligned with the customer’s further vision for agility, availability and scalability.

Furthermore, the solution took a nationwide feed in to a highly elastic cloud pre-processing service that can scale out in response to increased traffic flows. In more traditional solutions this scale-out effect is achieved with the application of additional chunks of capex, but with Azure the customer gets a better technical solution through minor incremental opex adjustments. From a commercial perspective this solution saves money, makes money and enhances the customer experience.


Microsoft technologies such as Azure, BizTalk & SQL are engineered with scale and flexibility in mind, and are particularly well suited to the implementation of high-availability information-centric solutions, so the proposition to combine the Microsoft middleware with our own MOQdigital Framework on a single scale-out architecture, was immediately compelling and offered a growth path that had business continuity at its core.


The Windows Azure platform provides developers with the functionality to build applications that span from consumer to enterprise scenarios. Windows Azure is the development, service hosting and service management environment for the Windows Azure platform. It provides developers with on-demand compute, storage, bandwidth, content delivery, middleware and marketplace capabilities to build, host and scale web applications through Microsoft data centres.

Microsoft SQL Azure. Microsoft SQL Azure is a self-managed, multi-tenant relational cloud database service built on Microsoft SQL Server technologies. It provides built-in high availability, fault tolerance and scale-out database capabilities, as well as cloud-based data synchronisation and reporting, to build custom enterprise and web applications and extend the reach of data assets.