Data is a valuable asset that needs appropriate management.

Many businesses struggle to control the growth of data. Adding additional storage to overcome capacity limitations is often a short term fix masking bigger issues and expenses. The upfront cost of storage is the smallest portion of the overall cost of managing the data over its life cycle.

MOQdigital can help you overcome these challenges.

We have the skills and expertise to help you Plan, Build and Support your data needs by providing services to assist with:

  • Storage Assessment – assessing your current storage environment and reporting on how data is currently being managed
  • Policy Development – setting the appropriate policies on how data is managed can help reduce costs and provide greater efficiencies
  • Data Categorisation – categorising the types of data in use and how to handle
  • Storage Frameworks and Architectures – designing the appropriate storage fabric
  • Retention and Restoration – helping to identify the appropriate requirements in order to meet business recovery needs
  • Data Protection – protecting data through encryption, rights management and replication
  • Performance – ensuring adequate performance to provide efficient access to data
  • Data Tiering & Cloud Storage – identifying how to tier data appropriately and assessing if Cloud storage is appropriate.

We work with industry leading vendors to architect solutions covering Storage Area Networks (SANs), Replication and Backup & Recovery – providing a complete data management story.

Case Studies

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