The evolution of Cloud computing has changed how infrastructure is consumed forever.

Hybrid Infrastructure relates to a computing model in which a combination of both Private and Public Cloud are utilised to provide the necessary resources to run an organisations systems and applications.

The attraction of reduced capital expenditure and operating costs, increased flexibility and on demand scalability and greater business competitiveness has driven organisations to investigate Public Cloud. However, not all workloads are suited to Public Cloud.

That’s where MOQdigital comes in.

We understand both Private and Public Cloud computing models and can help your organisation to assess, architect, and implement the appropriate infrastructure to deliver the desired outcomes. ‘One size’ doesn’t suit all organisations and hence the importance to engage with specialists to assist.

One of the key advantages of the Hybrid model is that it allows organisations to adopt Public Cloud Computing in a controlled manner, at a pace dictated by business and not the vendor – ultimately de-risking the shift to the as-a-Service paradigm. Hybrid computing can be used to support compliance requirements by shifting general computing resources to the Public Cloud whilst keeping critical data on-premises.

Is Hybrid Infrastructure right for you? Talk to us about a range of services that we’re able to offer to help, including:

  • Assessing the appropriate Infrastructure Model for your Business
  • Developing an Infrastructure Framework
  • Designing and Implementing Hybrid Computing

Case Studies

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